Humble Beginnings on 314 Day

Today we decide to mark the birthday of 314labs. It happens to land on Pi Day which is an added bonus, but also beckons to the mission that we are hoping to achieve.

And what exactly is that mission? For years we have had ideas for products and apps that we believed answer a fundamental question: How can we provide real, tangible value to the world, in the simplest way possible?

Just as pi is the simple calculation of a circle’s circumference to it’s diameter, the notion of providing value can be determined from the simple question: what would make someone’s life better?

At 314labs we are hoping to answer this question by exploring innovative technical and creative ideas and solutions that are not restricted to any one domain. We are not bound to one area of expertise or market, in the same way that pi is not bound to one area of mathematics. Indeed, we are hoping to follow in pi’s footsteps and discover value in places that society would not have considered. Hidden value that can only arise when we decide to explore connections and ideas that go against conventional wisdom.

We hope to succeed on our journey and ultimately provide value in a way that will change the world. Stay tuned.


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